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Creating A Hyggelig Vibe At Home

Creating A Hyggelig Vibe At Home

With winter on the horizon and new restrictions announced daily, I've been feeling pretty anxious about the coming months. I found comfort, however, in psychologist Kari Leibowitz's recent article in the NY Times suggesting ways to embrace, rather than resist, these dark days. At the top of the list is spending time outside. While it might seem counter intuitive, winter hikes are some of my favorite. There tend to be few people on the trail and the low light lends an opportunity to be more reflective.

She also recommends using light with intention, opting for lighting candles as a primary light source in the evenings at home. "Lighting a flame — whether candles inside or bonfires outside — becomes a mindful moment, an opportunity to pause and enjoy."

Finally, embrace the Scandanavian tradition of Hygge, which loosely translated means embracing coziness and the simple things in life like warm beverages, fuzzy, comfortable clothes and blankets and comfort foods.

See below for our tips for creating a hyggelig vibe at home.



Candles tend to be one of the most important component of creating a cozy vibe at home in the winter. (According to some reports, a Danish person burns approximately 13 pounds of candle wax a year.)

We just launched our line of soy candles. Hand poured in Brooklyn, these are made from clean burning soy wax and essential oils and have a burn time of approximately 70 hours.

Available in four fragrances: Palo Santo, Black Sea & Amber, Juniper & Lavender and Redwood.



If you can't access nature for  hike (or that's just not your thing) taking long walks around your neighborhood or local park can also elevate one's mood. The Coclico Darbette Boot has been hugely popular because of the lug sole and the shearling lining. These are great for long walks and being outdoors during the cold winter months; you can wear these sockless for a cozy, snug fit. (Because of the shearling lining, I recommend ordering a half size up for your usual size.)



Style/Layer With...

We've just received a new batch of cashmere beanies. 100% Italian cashmere and made in NYC, these are now available in seven colors: Ash (pictured), light pink, olive, navy, oatmeal, red and canary.


Organized by seasons, Eat Beautiful is a great guide on what to eat in the cold winter months. Roasted chicken is my favorite dish to make in the winter, and this recipe is great, especially when paired with the Jerusalem artichokes and mixed roots. Other favorites include Miso Soup, which is always good to have on hand, and black sesame stir-fry. Yum!




This is our specialty! My picks for the ultimate in creating cozy vibes at home include the Rita Row Ela Sweater (left), Atelier Delphine Balloon Sweater (coming soon in all four colors) and the Haori Coat in baby alpaca.

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