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Grounding Rituals During Lockdown

Grounding Rituals During Lockdown

Embrace The Housedress


In an article for InStyle last month on some of the ways pandemic could impact the way we dress, writer Alden Wicker speculates a revisiting of the housedress. Quoting Gabrielle Korn, author and Director of Fashion and Culture at Refinery29, she writes it's "something just slightly elevated that still is cozy,”

In this vein, I've started wearing dresses like this Long Kaftan at home and it has helped: I feel more in control of my at-home existence, rather than at the mercy of it.




Give your skin some extra TLC



I was surprised when a few weeks into quarantine my skin started breaking out. I was barely wearing make-up so I felt my skin should be glowing. Apparently staying indoors for such extended periods of time can dry out skin and wreak havoc on skin used to being exposed regularly to fresh air. The Facial Cleansing Brush is like a massage for the face; it simulates the skin and enhances the effectiveness of your cleanser. Visit our Instagram to see how to use this brush and other products by AlderNY to give yourself an at-home facial.




Put On Something With A Sole


Slippers and woolly socks are nice, but there's something grounding about a house shoe. My criteria: it should be soft, comfortable and easy to slip on. Enter the ACT Series UCCLE DS Espadrille. This espadrille slide features a leather lining and padded insole for extraordinary softness and comfort.

Coming soon. Available for pre-order.



Set The Table


I've never cooked so many dinners for myself or eaten at home so many days in a row. While I always use cloth napkins, I've added a few more varieties with a little color to break up the monotony. I call it "dressing my table".



Light Something To Close Out The Day



With all the days seeming to run together, it's helpful to create a ritual of lighting a candle, incense or other fragrance (like sage or palo santo) to close out the day. I've been ending my day with the Amber Tarragon Candle by Makana. The vanilla notes create a sense of warmth and comfort, while the more woodsy notes help create a sense of space.


Feb 27, 2023

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