On The Road | Catskills, NY

Posted: Aug 12 2018

We had the good fortune to spend an early summer weekend in Catskills, a place that I'm consistently called back to. There is a sweet, small town feeling there that contains a welcoming warmth that reminds alot of my hometown in Ohio. Yet, it's also a small mountain town, which makes me reminisce of the small towns that dotted the Foothills of Colorado, between Boulder and some of the larger resort towns. Needless to say, I feel right at home there.


Some of these were shot at a dear friend's house just outside of Woodstock; others were taken on-the-go, as we tried to capture places and settings that inspired us, from the isolated, curved roadway to the lush field discovered on lazy drive through the area.
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 Creative Director: Keif Matera; Photography by: Edwin Neves; Model: Germaine Persinger; Stylist: Kate McGregor


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