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What's New This Week

What's New This Week

Over these last few months, as we continue to stay home, our habits, routines and schedules have been drastically altered. This goes for our buying habits as well. I've seen an increased interest in our table top accessories, specifically our reusable cotton table linens, and personal care items. This week, we've restocked the beautiful Khadi Cotton Napkin sets in vibrant new colors like blue and green. We've also restocked lovely serving platters and Americano Mugs from Settle Ceramics. And finally, I'm excited to introduce some new arrivals from Alder New York, including their Gua Sha Facial Tool. See below for more details.

Back In Stock: Tie Dye Now Dress

I'm excited and grateful to be offering the Uzi Now Dress in Tie Dye again. Uzi designer Mari Gufstafson has been sewing all their pieces in their Sunset Park Studio to keep the brand going. Among our favorite pieces, this dress is perfect for these last few warm months. It's lightweight, breathable and washes and wears beautifully. Layer over skinny black jeans when temps cool. 




These cheery blue napkins are among the many colorful Khadi cotton sets we have in stock. Made from 100% cotton khadi, a fabric woven by hand in India of hand-spun yarn made at home on a lone loom. Each piece is personified by the individual hand of a skilled artisan. While no two lots are alike, each is beautiful in its unique way.


Bath Soak

Like many, I've become a fan of taking baths as a way of creating a calm mind. I'm happy to introduce new Bath Soaks by Daughter Of The Land. Available in both single use and 16 oz. tubes, these soaks contain only organic and fair-trade food grade ingredients and come in beautiful eco-friendly packaging. Treat yourself or gift a soak to a friend!


After months of making and drinking coffee at home, I've become attached to my mug. Even though I have a cabinet filled with perfectly nice mugs, I use, washing each morning, the same mug every day. The Americano Mug is the perfect size and has a bit of weight to it that makes it feel more substantial and slightly elevated. We've just restocked these, which are now available in Sand (pictured), Matte White and Turquoise.


The Fanny Pack

It's definitely a sign of the times when a fanny pack is a must have accessory, but here we are. And, honestly, I haven't been wearing/carrying much else (in terms of a bag) lately. Certainly, "belt bags" have been on trend for awhile, but this is a traditional "non-fashion fashion" accessory and I'm into it. If you've been hiking lately or wearing any version of a Teva or Birkenstock this summer, you need this.



During a trip to Spain last winter to visit a friend living there, we went for facials at a spa. The esthetician used what felt like a cool hard surface to massage and smooth the skin. It was my first experience with a Gua Sha tool and it was incredible. Alder New York's version is made from black obsidian, a natural crystal formed from rapidly cooling lava. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine practice designed to help improve overall health by massaging the skin with the aid of gua sha tools.

This smooth heart shape stone helps relieve tension, reduce puffiness, and promote circulation. Use morning and/or night to improve overall skin health and appearance by stimulating collagen, massaging tense muscles, and promoting lymphatic drainage.

Visit Us!

Finally... in case you needed more convincing on why to visit Beacon, NY (aside from popping into KAIGHT, checking out the art at DIA: BEACON or strolling through Storm King)*, Forbes contributing writer Michelle Gross offers a few in her piece here.

Hope to see you soon!

*Note: Both Storm King and DIA are now open, however, timed tickets must be purchased in advance in order to visit. So plan ahead!

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