Laura Coin Purse (Vegan Apple Leather)

$48.00 USD

Laura Coin Purse in black leather. Pop this easy zipper wallet in your matching Laura tote or carry it as a stylish accessory. The compact semi-circle half-moon design holds enough space for cards  just the right size and shape for all your daily needs.

Please note the card slots are snug at first, but they will soften with wear.

About Apple Leather: Apple Leather is a vegan leather alternative made from AppleSkin™. This is a bio-based material, and is created from the waste of fruit juice and applesauce industry. The Apple waste is ground into a fine powder, and that powder is mixed with non-toxic and organic pigment. Apple leather consists of up to 40% residual apple waste from skins, stems, and fibres of the fruit, that is backed by a mix of synthetic materials, required for strength and durability. AppleSkin™ has a high-quality look and feel, it becomes slightly darker with use over a long period of time and slight scratching may occur.