Devi Dress

$133.50 USD $298.00 USD

The Devika (meaning, Little Goddess) is a vintage-inspired peasant dress that makes an effortless statement with its feminine details and silhouette. Featuring full puff sleeves, a square yoke and soft gathers. 

Produced using sustainable practices that help improve the livelihoods and welfare of our artisan community makers and reduce the impact on the environment, the fabric is masterfully handwoven on a traditional foot pedal loom that creates a unique and unmatched texture. Its hand-spun yarns are naturally dyed by hand at a family-run workshop using natural minerals and plants. The unique 'potai' pattern is achieved using a technique that results in a brushed marble-like print. A paste is made of pomegranate peel, turmeric and sesame oil. The artisan applies the paste on the cloth using a piece of woven cloth using broad strokes. When the application is complete, the fabric is then dried and dipped in a solution to set the dye.

    •  100% Handwoven cotton
    • Naturally dyed
    • Embroidered neckline trim
    • 3/4 Length sleeves with elasticized cuffs
    • Loose Fit
    • Square Neckline
    • Straight bottom hem
    • Hidden side seam pockets
    • Optional sash