• Eucalyptus Necklace With Black Chains


Eucalyptus Necklace With Black Chains


Born from the simple pleasure of observing, growing and collecting plants, pods and flowers, the Dispersion collection distills nature’s diversity of textures, forms and imperfections. Using ancient and modern techniques, the designs are first molded in wax, then hand carved and cast.

Large yellow bronze Eucalyptus Pod pendant with cascading black chains. 38” Long. Handmade in San Francisco.

About Kirsten Muenster: Kirsten Muenster works with 100% recycled precious metals and purchase stones from small, family-owned mines and individuals who hand collect, cut and polish the materials themselves. All materials are carefully researched, so there is an understanding as to where they come from and whose lives they may impact. Each element captures a moment in time; every piece tells a story. Through her commitment to bespoke craftsmanship and ethical practices, her work advocates a sustainable model of quality, heirloom jewelry.

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