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This scarf is woven using 100% khadi cotton, meaning the yarn is hand-twisted and the scarf is then handwoven. This process requires no electricity and gives the scarf a very low carbon footprint. The white 'pyramids' on the scarf are made using a kantha stitch which is a technique, also known as the 'blanket stitch' embroidery. It's a humble embroidery which was originally developed as a way to quilt old fabrics together to give them a new life as a blanket. Now it's valued for it's simplicity and rustic look. 100% khadi cotton. Measures 70" x 30".

  •  100% khadi cotton
  • Handwoven with blanket stitch embroidery.
  • Measures 70" x 30"
  • Fair-trade


About Indigo Handloom: Indigo Handloom has been designing handwoven scarves and fabrics since 2003.  Their work helps to revive the traditional textile arts of khadi (hand-spun yarn) and handloom weaving while supporting community development in rural India. They are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the world of textiles. Everything they offer is made on an ancient handloom and therefore requires no energy source. They use a variety of natural and low-impact dyes. Through their work, they have been able to support hundreds of weavers and their families.

Indigo Handloom uses organic cotton that is hand-picked, non-GMO and certified GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard). Ginned in a slow contamination-free process, the fine, high staple of the cotton makes for a soft and luxurious cloth. As the art of handloom thrives so does the diversity of other region-specific raw materials in India such as linen and silk.
The majority of weavers in India currently live in poverty, while others leave the occupation to work in construction or as rickshaw pullers. They have worked with over 500 weavers in rural India to preserve the handloom art form and enable weavers to efficiently provide for their families. Handloom requires no electricity or emissions, simply the creative energy of our talented weavers.

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