Heart Hoops Large

$360.00 USD

Hinged hoops, inspired by modernist sculptural silver and the sensuality of the material. The classic heart shape signals love, wellbeing, and femininity as a calming centerpiece. Available in 14k goldplated sterling silver and solid sterling silver. Made in NYC.

Measures L 1.4" / 3.5cm

About Annika Inez:

Growing up in Scandinavia in a family of designers shaped Annika’s reverence for details; Sweden’s open landscape and its quietude influenced her appreciation for the spiritual and aesthetic weight of negative space and the beauty of everyday moments around us. She was driven to express these ideas and her personal creativity through jewelry and objects when she moved to the colorful and bustling New York City. The juxtaposition of these two places and influences is central to Annika’s designs.

The Annika Inez brand is the culmination of her experiences and its aim is to make us feel good about ourselves within our personal environments. She seeks to emphasize that creating a personal, modular collection of objects can help center us and resolve feelings of disorientation; reject excess and seek the personally meaningful.


Annika Inez uses sustainable methods to source, produce, and package, and works with individual jewelers and artisans located in New York, who make each piece by hand, and an overseas factory made up of a small workforce of artisans and designers.

The team vets suppliers at great lengths to ensure our materials are not ethically compromised and are of the highest quality, and environmentally-mindful suppliers that use recycled materials. In order to produce jewelry that lasts long and does not wear away, we use high-quality materials with integrity.