Khadi Cotton Teal Napkin Set

$70.00 USD

 Cheery green napkin set made from 100% cotton khadi. Khadi is a fabric woven by hand of hand-spun yarn. Set of 6. Napkins measure 18″ X 18".

Auntie Oti sources domestic goods from India that are made at home on a lone loom and each piece is personified by the individual hand of a skilled artisan. While no two lots are alike, each is beautiful in its unique way.

Among these products is khadi : fabric woven by hand from hand-spun yarn. Before the industrial revolution khadi was produced in India for centuries. The practice was revived by M.K. Gandhi in the 1920’s in his pursuit of rural self-reliance. Indians asserted their economic independence over Great Britain by spinning, weaving, and wearing their own cloth. The iconic image of Gandhi wearing a simple dhoti working patiently at his spinning wheel exemplifies the quiet beauty found in khadi textiles. Practiced today, this slow community based method defies the generic mass produced products consumed today.