Mini City Bag

$264.00 USD

The "Mini City Bag" distills the timeless simplicity of its larger counterpart into a more petite form, making it an essential accessory for the urban explorer who favors minimalism and elegance. Its practical closure with a slender leather strap ensures your belongings are neatly and securely organized. Featuring a thin crossbody strap and delicately woven leather, this bag captures the essence of classic style with a modern twist. Its compact size and refined design transcend trends, offering a seamless blend into any wardrobe while prioritizing both functionality and enduring appeal.

An antiqued St. Christopher medal charm, in homage to the patron saint of travellers, is hand-sewn inside each and every Dragon Diffusion bag—our brand’s very own seal of authenticity.

Dimensions :

  • Width: 8.2in / 21cm
  • Length: 6.6in / 17cm
  • Depth: 1.9in / 5cm

    About Dragon Diffusion:

    Dragon Diffusion are a group of Artisan Leather weavers. Each bag is entirely crafted by hand. 

    This product has been handcrafted, so no two pieces are alike. If you find any curve in the weaving or 2 tone shade in color, these are due to our unique process and not a manufacturing flaw. 

    When this leather becomes wet, there may be slight decoloration or transfer when rubbed. The use natural dyes in coloring of  the straps and the irregular tones is part of the charm of this product. Over time this bag will age and develop a natural patina that only traditional made leather will give.

    St. Christopher is the patron saint for travelers. This medal is a symbol of our faith and goodwill, that way protect you and the bag for years to come.