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KAIGHT Celebrates 8 Years!

Today marks KAIGHT's eighth year anniversary. It seems impossible to believe. When I first opened the store, I thought everyone shared my passion for sustainable fashion. How naïve!

Fortunately, thanks to the talent of so many incredible designers, the clothing and accessories told a story beyond one of sustainability. And through their incredible designs and your continued support, KAIGHT has continued to be a leader in the sustainable fashion movement.


There have been many bumps along the way. I witnessed the peak of "greenwashing" that challenged the integrity of the industry in the early years, and made the difficult decision to close the original KAIGHT shop on Manhattan's Lower East Side in order to focus on the Brooklyn location. I've seen the conversation shift from the broad term of "eco fashion" to a more comprehensive dialogue that includes slow fashion, ethical fashion, local, heritage, and Made In USA. Throughout these transitions, we've continued to grow and strengthen our customer base. And, thankfully, you have been right there with us throughout this journey.

I know how easy it is to shop fast fashion, and I am so grateful that you have chosen to support not only a small business, but a small (but growing!) movement. With each purchase, you have proven that quality, fabric content, production and ethics matter. Through choosing to support KAIGHT and other like-minded businesses, you have proven that this is not simply a fad. It's through our collective effort that the eco and sustainable fashion movement continues to gain momentum day after day, year after year. Thank you for eight wonderful years. I look forward to what's ahead. 

xo Kate

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