Product Spotlight: Posh Stacey

Posted: Aug 29 2014

Even though I've been out of school for ages, fall still signals a time of new beginnings. New York City always feels most vibrant in fall, when everyone is refreshed from vacation and has a renewed sense of purpose. Maybe that's why the fall fashion season is so exciting: newness is in the air. The Posh Stacey shopper perfectly complements this mood: it's filled with purpose, strength and says, "I'm the boss!", yet it's all dressed up in nice, warm fall hues.

The Eco Factor:  O My Bag is a fashion accessories brand based out of The Netherlands. The brand is committed to making classic, functional and sophisticated bags that are fairly made, and crafted from eco leathers, which are tanned without harmful chemicals, including chromium, PCP and AZO dyes. 

The Posh Stacey is available in Eco Camel (above) and Eco Dark leathers, $275


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