During a recent trip to Oakland, CA, I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Alice Wu of Feral Childe. It was my first time there so she took me on a tour of the cute neighborhood near the Feral Childe studio. Our first stop was an eclectic jewelry store owned by jewelry designer Lauren Wolf. I was instantly drawn to the tactile nature of the organic shapes that form Lauren’s collection. Her sea urchin and stingray pieces are cool and powerful and probably would have been adorned by Amphitrite, the Greek Goddess Queen of the Sea. I also love the play on hard and soft elements: Sweet and feminine freshwater pearls are set in rough stingray claws creating a perfect balance of elements.


Stingray Spike Ring, $140

White Pearl Studs, $98

Stingray Petals, $219

Having spent time in the Southwest, I’m also drawn to the use of oxidized silver; the influence of her time spent in the mountains of Mexico studying jewelry design is evident.

Lauren Wolf Jewelry is now available in-store and online here.

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