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Winter Wardrobe Prep

Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures along the East Coast these days, winter is coming. That means doing the semi-annual closet swap and digging out those cashmere and wool sweaters. If they've been stored for the winter, they can probably use a wash. With The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, you can easily do this at home, saving yourself some major moolah, and preserving your sweaters' fibers. 

For those of you (like me) who don't have a washer, you can easily hand wash your knits in the sink. First, pre-treat any stains with The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar. Simply apply the bar directly to the stain and to easily stained areas, including the underarm and neckline. After treating the stain, pre-soak the garment in a white vinegar bath (1/4 cup vinegar to sinkful of water) to eliminate any built-up odors (they have been stuffed in the back of your closet for six-months). If it is a dark colored garment, turn it inside out to preserve the color. Soak for approximately 30 minutes.

Once the stains have been treated and the garment has been pre-soaked, you're ready to wash. Drain the sink of your pre-wash bath and refill with cool water and two capfuls of Wool & Cashmere shampoo. Don't be afraid to get your hands wet. I like to do a kneading motion, rotating my sweaters over and over in the water. I generally do this for about 5-10 minutes and then I leave the garment to soak for another 30 minutes or so, after which point, I rinse the sweater in cold water until I feel all the soap has been washed away. Don't ring out as it could potentially stretch the sweater. I like to remove excess water (and accelerate the dry cycle) by laying the wet sweater on a large towel and then gently rolling it in the towel. This will pull out excess water without stretching or changing the shape of the garment. Finally, lay flat to dry.

Once you thoroughly clean your sweaters, you can freshen them up between wears with The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Spray.





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