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Trunk Show With VOZ

VOZ is where handmade luxury meets social change. The collection is crafted on Mapuche looms from 100% naturally rich materials from wool, to alpaca, to llama. Every color is dyed with plants, berries, and clay through natural processes. Each textile tells a story of the Mapuche cosmology through symbols of the natural world, as the story of the artisan ́s culture is woven within.

Join us Thursday evening to kick off a weekend Pop-Up Shop and chat with designer Jasmine Aarons about the Mapuche artisans and about working in Araucanía, Chile, to craft a new type of contemporary fashion.


Thurs., Sept. 13 6-9 p.m.

382 Atlantic Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11217


Dec 21, 2015

It’ll never be easy but it’s undoubtedly the metallny unstable who are a large part of the problem. So a big part of the solution is keeping them separated from guns, knives, cross-bows, bombs, hammers, hatchets, lighter fluid, gasoline, nerve agents, blister agents … … And that may mean, in many cases, keeping them indefinitely locked up.


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