Building An Organic Wardrobe? Start With The Basics

Posted: Jan 15 2013

I've heard several people mention that among their revolutions for the year is to start adding more organic and thoughtfully designed pieces to their wardrobe. It is a terrific goal, but where does one even begin? I recommend starting from the bottom up. Begin with the pieces that you wear every single day, particularly those that are going to be worn against your skin. Start with the basics. Here's why: organic cotton is cotton that was grown without pesticides, which benefits environmental and human health.

From Top: Only Hearts collection of organic basics made from extremely luxurious Peruvian organic Pima cotton: Hipster, $28; Lace Camisole, $42; Long-Sleeve Tee, $44


  • Posted by Amy on January 15, 2013

    Great advice! I wear pieces like these every day as an under-layer, so it would be the best place to start revamping things.

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