Product Spotlight: Gingham Bag

Posted: Apr 04 2013


Sometimes I'm astounded by how wonderfully clever and resourceful our designers are. For instance, New York-based accessories designer Sheila Odyssey transforms discarded plastic bags into wonderfully chic, hand-woven handbags. This spring, she emphasizes the boldness of color, taking the classic gingham check -- a staple for weavers -- and bold stripes to add a new twist to traditional design.

The process...


Plastic bags are sourced from all over the world. Fun fact: Global consumption of plastic bags is estimated at 1 million per minute!


Bags are then cut into carefully measured strips in preparation for weaving.


The plastic strips are woven on a traditional loom and transformed into stunning accessories.


Gingham Bags are available in Topaz, Turquoise, Onyx and Coral. $220



  • Posted by Brickson Erian on April 24, 2013

    These would be way cooler if they we mixed colors in no particular order…like a mixed marled fabric.

    Voila! That gingham is well, just gingham

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