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Sip + Shop Indiginous Finery From Nomadic Thread Society

Sip + Shop with us on Sunday as we welcome Nomadic Thread Society and their collection of indigenous finery and ecletic objects and textiles. 

Nomadic Thread Society is a dedicated purveyor of exotic accents for beach, lifestyle and home. Motivated by chronic wanderlust, they source traditional textiles and indigenous finery from artisans and small producers around the world. They curate and design their collections with partners in India, Turkey, Kenya, Tunisia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Colombia and then some. The stories woven into each piece stretch back centuries, while their eye for design and attention to sustainability ensure their use for years to come. We are excited to welcome a selection of goods for your enjoyment this weekend.

11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sun., Dec. 13.

KAIGHT // 382 Atlantic Ave. // Brooklyn, NY 11217 // 718.858.4737


Metallic Cape. Available in Black and Sand, $435

A selection of Peruvian Vintage Mantas. Prices vary.

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