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Brand Spotlight: Neranese

Brand Spotlight: Neranese

I'm excited to welcome the premiere collection by Neranese to our spring lineup. Launched by LA-based designer Sonja Nessa, the collection features consciously-crafted, romantically minimalist that fuse NYC’s city cool and L.A.’s laid back vibes. The collection is made in small quantities with a focus on quality, ease and the world the modern woman inhabits.

NERANESE exists for women to dress for themselves, wear what they care about, and feel their most beautiful in everything they do - with elevated style, and studied fit for their bodies and for their lives.. With this is a leaning toward non-seasonality for clothing made to last and be loved indefinitely.

Neranese is based in Los Angeles and supports other creatives and makers in the LA fashion community. The collection is made in small batches by LA manufacturers - small, often family-run operations using healthy industrial practices, fighting against low worker wages and making people their priority.


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