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Date Cake!

Date Cake!

Like many people, I've been baking up a storm recently. I find the precision of baking, the patience and attention it requires to be incredibly calming. My latest project has been Date Cake. This endeavor was inspired by a recent conversation reminiscing with a friend about time (more than a decade ago) when we both lived on the Southside of Williamsburg. Nestled in a tiny little corner spot was this delightful restaurant called Cafe Moto. A true neighborhood, locals-kind-of-place, Cafe Moto was tiny and atmospheric and had great food. It was my favorite spot back then and their Date Cake was the best. This is my attempt to recreate that magic.

Chopping dates in the new Srey Cardigan by Tonle.

 Finished cake. My biggest concern with starting this recipe was making the Toffee Topping. It turns out it's incredibly easy!

Cake with the Toffee Glaze


Recipe for Sticky Toffee Whole Wheat Date Cake via NY Times.

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