With limited access to activities this summer, we're embracing (even more than usual) the summer picnic. Fortunately, many city restaurants are offering pre-order and custom picnic baskets. Head to newyorker.com to read Hannah Goldfield's review of the "Perfect Picnic Baskets of The Pandemic," or to Eater.com for a more extensive list. Or make your own like we did with some fresh sour dough bread, spreadable cheese, proscuitto, cherry tomatoes and a can of Rose.
Of course, the food is only half of it. See below our picks for how to create the perfect setting.
Khadi Colored Napkins are shown here in Purple with the Lungi in blue and Tula Napkin Set. Khadi Napkins are also available in Green, Brown, White, Grey, Orange and Salmon.
Set of 6. $56
Laya Napkin Set with Charcoal Napkin Set. Set of 4. $36
Woven Table Runner with Settle Ceramics Serving Bowl and Khadi Napkin Set in Gray.


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