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What Is Sustainable Leather?

What Is Sustainable Leather?

In recent weeks, we've restocked some of our favorite bags and best-sellers from O My Bag. Based in Amsterdam, O My Bag has been a leader in sustainability for small leather goods; in 2015, they won the Sustainable Leather Award from CSR Netherlands, the Centre of Excellence for Dutch companies that are striving towards corporate social responsibility.

So, what is sustainable leather?  Sustainable leather means it has minimal environmental impact. Specifically, this is achieved through the tanning process. O My Bag bags are tanned without the use of harmful chemicals, like chromium, ensuring safer working conditions and less chemicals pollutants being released into the environment.


These natural tanned leathers will occasionally contain scratches and marks - this is part of the natural character of the leather, which will age beautifully over time the more you use it. It deepens in color, gets softer, and develops a nice sheen.



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