No. 573 Earring Silver

$228.00 USD

Marie Laure Chamorel's iconic small-sized woven earrings. A casual and easy-to-wear pair of earrings for everyday wear.  Pair of woven Sterling silver earrings made of forçat chains and finished with crystal beads and multi-strand chain tassels. Sterling silver.

Height: 6,3 cm - Width: 0,8 cm

Care: To keep your earrings in good condition, we suggest avoiding any contact with water. Remove them before bathing and sleeping.

Parisian jewelry Marie Laure Chamorel is guided by her desire to give each piece of jewelry a unique touch. "Textile jewelry" is how she describes her creations, born of her passion for threads and materials. Like a sculptor, she tests the material and creates her prototypes, in volume and by hand, in her Parisian studio in the Marais.

In a couture spirit, she transforms her favorite materials, enriches them with handmade embroidery and wraps them in silk chiffon or leather beads. Marie Laure's jewelry embodies the new luxury of craftsmanship, the taste for "handmade" work.