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Tools To Keep Your Clothes Fresh For Longer

"Can I wash this or is it dry clean only?" This is probably the most often asked question we get. And often the answer is yes, you can wash this. But, the trick to being able to wash most anything is having the right tools. First, start with a really good detergent. Most detergents contain harsh chemicals that wear down fabrics and reduce their lifecycle. The Laundress products contain natural ingredients that aren't harsh - but they are effective.


Second, consider the fabric and treat it accordingly. Use gentler detergents on silks and woolens and wash delicate or thin fabrics in a mesh washing bag. This is super important! The holes in a washing machine can be detrimental to tissue-thin cotton fabrics, like our Only Hearts Hipster and Camisoles. During the wash cycle, they can get sucked in to one of these holes and ultimately create holes in your favorite tee. Washing in a mesh washing back protects them and will make them last much longer. Finally, don't over wash! Denim and woolens don't need to be washed after every wear - or even after every third or fourth. For denim, hang it in the bathroom when you shower to freshen up and steam clean. For woolens, use a cashmere spray to freshen it up.

Generally, treat your clothing like the investment it is; maintain it with sweater combs and stain solutions and it will last longer than you might expect.

Laundress Products are available at Kaight, including their Signature Detergent // Whites Detergent // Stain Solution // Cashmere & Wool Shampoo // Cashmere & Wool Spray // Stain Bar // Mesh Bags // Sweater Comb // Lint Brush

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