Just In // The Perfect Bucket Bag

Posted: Jan 19 2015

An update to the original drawstring bucket bag in a beautiful, full-bodied caramel leather. This bag is sized to hold all your essentials: keys, wallet, phone, iPad. Measures 7.5" wide, 10.25" tall, with a 48" shoulder strap. Shoulder strap is .75" wide. Drawstring cinch closure. Made in the USA.


BAGGU aims to make high quality, long lasting goods. Their natural milled leather is produced domestically in an ISO-14001 Certified Tannery which is an International Standard established to distinguish tanneries that document and manage their operations to minimize the impact on the environment. Their leather line is proudly made in the USA.


  • Posted by WizTcha on December 21, 2015

    The book? Absolutely! Maybe when your studies are fensihid and life settles down just a bit, eh?This is a good article on green weddings. I especially appreciated that they suggested considering the size of a wedding before advising on what to buy for it. I’m convinced that conservation is really a necessary beginning step for so many things. Before we plan weddings, build houses, etc., a great first question to ask is, “How much do I really need?” and to plan accordingly.

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