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A New Form Perspective To Knitwear

It was almost eight years ago that Gail Travis walked into my former Lower East Side store and presented a collection of fine gauge merino wool knit accessories. She was experimenting with drape and function and these seemingly basic accessories could easily transform with a quick snap. The collection, then called Nit Felt and Phrame has evolved into an extensive line of convertible knitwear with a New Form Perspective (NFP).

NFP fosters the concept of transition, transformation and evolution. Gail continues to design the collection from the perspective that each piece can be a platform for personal expression with the ability to link, layer, fold, snap, shift or connect.

"NFP’s ability to turn upside-down, backwards, and creatively mold, secures the sustainability of each garment. It supports a more socially conscious and resourceful lifestyle through appreciation of highly designed, multi-functional product. Rooted in timeless architectural shapes, New Form Perspective’s goal is to encourage minimizing the disposable mindset of recent fashion, and increase awareness of fashion’s strength to be an enhancement to our basic environment and personal self. Ultimately sharing the beauty of fashion through it’s ability to be inventive and creative while maintaining a wearable artform. N:F:P positively motivates each individual towards a more personalized interaction between designer and consumer."

Shop select styles from NFP Studio's fall collection online and in-store.

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