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Meet Dana

Meet Dana, the newest addition to the Kaight team. She's super cute and sweet and is a pro at picking out pieces that you will love. Stop by and say hi!

Dana's LUST LIST includes the Koch Longfellow Cardigan, Melissa Peace, By Natalie Frigo ring and Bario-Neal's Shark Pendant.

Hometown: Bedford, NY
Age: 22
Favorite thing about NYC: The endless possibilities. I love that I can just step outside my door and never know what I'll see or who I'll meet.
The unpredictability of this town keeps things exciting.
One thing you can't live without: My MAC mascara... it keeps me looking awake even when I feel dead tired.
Who inspires you: Kind of cheesy, but my mom! She always has such a positive outlook on life and she's someone I can turn to for anything. Moms rule the world.
Describe your style: Casual and earthy. I really like to wear bohemian inspired pieces and accessorize with statement jewelry. I was never really into that whole "remove one piece of jewelry before leaving the house" sort of a thing.

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