NFP is back for fall...

Posted: Aug 22 2012

For those who are familiar with our Pop-Up Series, you may remember last fall's NFP Shop-In-Shop. Created by designer Gail Travis, N:F:P fosters the concept of transition, transformation and evolution; the collection consists of "smart geometric shapes and styles that are of the moment, but not bound by time." Each piece has the ability to link, layer, fold, snap, shift or connect, creating a platform for personal expression, ultimately encouraging each individual’s NEW FORM & PERSPECTIVE. This season, I'm excited to feature the knitted sweaters, all made from luxurious, fine gauge marino wool. Additionally, "N:F:P’s ability to turn upside-down, backwards, and creatively mold, secures the sustainability of each garment. It supports a more socially conscious and resourceful lifestyle through appreciation of highly designed, multi-functional product. Rooted in timeless architectural shapes, New Form Perspective’s goal is to encourage minimizing the disposable mindset of recent fashion, and increase awareness of fashion’s strength to be an enhancement to our basic environment and personal self." 

Top Series: Convertible Yolk Vest. Shown three different ways. Available in Black & Navy, $396; Below: Turtleneck Cocoon Sweater. Available in Pewter (shown), Creme, Black and Slate, $265


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