When I first discovered Feral Childe, I remember being struck by all the incredible and wildly inventive accessories they had created -- funky resin belt buckles and broaches molded into fun shapes. In their fall collection "Infinite Libration" Feral Childe designers Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson revisit some of their favorite shapes and motifs from the limited-edition accessories of past collections and redrew them as ink sketches to make the current season's Husky Print. 

The entire fall collection, the designers say, "references, among other things, the 10-plus years of friendship and artistic collaboration between Feral Childe. You can think of it as an archive, a compendium of the things we have created over the years and continue to revisit and revise" 


Visit Kaight in-store (382 Atlantic Ave.) or online to shop the collection.


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