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diy / shabd magic dye jar kit

I think one of the reasons I love curating a store filled with beautiful things is because I cannot create beautiful things; I'm an appreciator and an admirer, but, sadly, not a maker. Yet, even I created a beautiful scarf made from this fun, DIY dye kit. Shabd's Magic Jar Dye Kit includes non-toxic dyes and fixatives, along with a 14" x 72" silk scarf all smartly contained in a reusable glass jar. 
Simply add water, watch the alchemy unfold over one hour, and then reveal the results of your experiment!

If you're not familiar with Shabd (shabdismyname.com), she was among the first to experiment with natural dyes and various shibori and tie-dye techniques. Her pieces are truly works of art. I feel grateful that she's packed her secret process in a neat little kit so that we may each create our own works of art. (Her scarves typically retail around $178).
The Magic Jar Dye Kit is available in Jade, Turquoise, Moonstone and Amethyst (pictured).

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