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Posted: Aug 10 2016

Tonight I'll be at FIT for the Humans Who Design event, featuring photographs of 20 pioneering designers, including Tara St. James (STUDY NY), Daniel Silverstein and more. The exhibit opens tonight with a panel discussion on Making It In NY.


Humans Who Design is a community and a networking platform for fashion designers whose work acts as a catalyst for positive social, humanitarian, and environmental change.

Formed in 2015 by Natalya Nyn and Jessica Wade, the goal of Humans Who Design is to create a ripple effect of good by promoting design as a powerful tool to achieve change.

Humans Who Design believes creative design has the ability to give visual voice, dignity, and positive structure to those without.

The Humans Who Design network brings attention to designers with progressive initiatives to encourage collaborations with nonprofit organizations and other designers to create campaigns, develop products, and collaborate on fundraising and events in order to make the world a better place.

Details for tonight's events are below:


Kate Daly, Senior Vice President of the Center for Urban Innovation at the New York City Economic Development Corporation, 
Mira Dayal, Creative Director of Fairweather Magazine
Elizabeth Solomeina, founder of Flying Solo retail concept
Tanya Sheikh, co-founder of In Support Of retail concept
Ivan Gilkes, co-founder of In Support Of retail concept
Mimi Prober, founder of Mimi Prober
Designers featured:

Andrea Bocchio
Ayaka Nishi
Becca McCharen Tran
Blair Lauren Brown
Camesha Powell
Caroline Fuss
Carrie Morrissey
Cristina Ottaviano
Daniel Silverstain
Daniel Silverstein
Darshan Manghnani
Erika Rae
Jes Wade
Kalen Kaminski
Kristi Sorensen
Mimi Prober
Natalya Nyn
Paola Delgado
Rebecca Szymczak
Sandra Gagalo
Sarah Zoe Canner
Sheena Sood
Tara St James
Wing Yin Yau
August 10th, 2016
Reception and Symposium :  6:30 to 8 pm. Building A, 8th Floor
Photography Exhibit : Opens at 6pm. Building C/D passageway, 1st floor. 


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