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Mind, Body & Sole

Mind, Body & Sole

Lately, I find myself investing more time and energy into self care. That means reaching for soft, cozy layers, like our new PJ sets, drinking lots of tea, taking calming baths and spending time in nature.
Scroll through to see what I'm indulging in right now.

Pajama Sets

Consciously crafted in Venice Beach, these pajama sets in Pima Cotton and Modal knit are meant to be fun - and a little indulgent -  and are exactly what we want right now. Available in three new prints, including this festive Woodland print. 


Cypress Bath Soak

This bath soak is formulated for the muscles and mind alike. Blended with epsom and French grey salts, it includes over 80 trace minerals known for their soothing properties. This soak includes hemp-derived Full Spectrum Cannabidiol and infused arnica montana oil, both recognized for their restorative and anti-inflammatory properties. The essential oil blend is formulated for muscle and mind relax.

Darbette Boot

This cool update to a traditional moto features a lug sole, making it slip resistant and stable making this a faithful companion on long walks The shealing lining means you can wear it even when temps cool and still be plenty warm and comfortable. Plus, they are cool AF. Wear sockless to fully enjoy. Ethically made in Spain.



Sleep In Sunday Tea

If any of you have been having difficulty falling asleep/staying asleep these days, I can relate. I'm not one for sleep aids, but I have been indulging in a cup of Sleep In Sunday Tee before bedtime and it lulls me right to sleep. The perfect bedtime elixir, this minty blend includes Rooibos, Organic Spearmint, Organic Peppermint, Osmanthus Flowers, Natural Flavor (from Vanilla) and Artificial Flavors & Organic Hemp Extract.





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