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Fall: At Home In KAIGHT

Fall: At Home In KAIGHT

As we continue to stay home this fall and winter, dressing has taken on a new purpose: No longer are we dressing to feel empowered at the office, impress friends during a night out or even to communicate what lies beyond our clothes through our personal style. Instead, I find myself dressing for my own mental health and comfort. I find that even while at home, if I don't feel put together, I just don't feel good. Even if it's simply a great pair of jeans and a beautiful sweater, as long as it feels good, and I feel sexy, I feel good.
While having lunch with a friend the other day, she agreed, joking that she's one step away from wearing a cocktail dress while making dinner. And why not? The art of dressing is a form of joy (at least for some of us). And couldn't we all use a little joy, a little art in our lives right now?
We shot our fall campaign in a friend's beautiful home in Woodstock, NY. Titled At Home In KAIGHT, this series is meant to inspire and encourage us to push ourselves to create a little magic in our life at home.
Savannah Sweater with the Margo Pant in Cream
Été Noir Knit Vest and Cotton Pants
Henrietta Sweater in Amethyst 
Stevie Tank and Wide Leg Pant in Marble
Slate Coveralls in Khaki
Studio Dress in Cherry
 S U N C H I L D Caftan 
Vera Sweater and Maja Sweatpants 
Mar 18, 2021

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Nov 11, 2020


Nov 11, 2020



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