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Saturday Night In

Saturday Night In

I don't know about you, but I find my anxiety levels approaching an all time high. Even though I voted by mail several weeks ago, I'm still consumed by Election Day jitters. If you haven't already, please vote!

Some ways I'm managing my anxiety? Taking regular (read: daily) baths, continuing my yoga practice with some of my favorite teachers on Yoga Glo, getting lost in a good book, like Something Happened To Ali Greenleaf by Hayley Krischer, and keeping myself comfortable in soft, luxurious knits and lounge wear. 

Scroll through to see what I'm indulging in right now.


Single Use Bath Soaks

These beautifully packaged single-use bath soaks from Daughter of the Land each contain a special blend of organic epsom and French gray salts combined with essential oils to soothe and restore. Available in four versions for whatever the day calls for: Cypress CBD Soak to RESTORE; Lavender & Vetiver to RELAX; Moon Mylk to UNWIND; and Iris & Rosehips to REJUVENATE.



Pima Knit PJs

I've been searching for the perfect pajamas and finally found them. Hand-pulled Peruvian Pima cotton, which is known for its silky luster and unbelievably soft hand, combined with a soft Modal creates a prefect blend that looks and feels great with every wear. These PJs are so luxuriously soft you'll never want to change out of them. Short-Sleeved pajama top and capri-length pant with pockets and elastic waist.

Available in three prints: Daphne (pictured), Woodland and Bengal.


Voulez-Vous Candle

This has become one of my favorite candles to burn. The Sensuous French rose flirts with exotic Oriental spices in an alluring Indochine dream, nuanced with the bouquet of Darjeeling, amber, and wild poppies. Transporting and seductive, it offers a dreamy escape from the day's stressors. Offers a clean burn through soy wax and all cotton wick. Poured by hand in carefully crafted batches in the Wary Meyers studio in Cumberland, Maine. 


Balloon Sleeve Sweater

Our best selling sweater from AW19 is back this season. This cozy cropped sweater features a fun, full balloon sleeve. Available in Charcoal and Deer. Made from ethically sourced alpaca. Made in Peru.

This is a pre-order item. Ships November 6.




Henrietta Sweater in Amethyst

The best-selling Henrietta Sweater from Atelier Delphine is en route to us in Amethyst and is now available for pre-order with an estimated ship date of Nov. 6. This luxurious, fine ribbed knit sweater has a mock turtleneck and cropped fit. Made from superfine ethically sourced alpaca from Peru.


Feb 27, 2023
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Nov 15, 2020


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Nov 11, 2020



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